I.S.E.T. Srl
Industria Sistemi Elettronici

Iset Srl

Via Votta Consorzio ARCHO
81020 - Valle di Maddaloni (Caserta)
0823.203015 - 200143 - 204716

The Philosophy ISET

The Philosophy ISETThe direction of the ISET recognizes the need for continued improvement of services is essential for achieving the production of electronic items that meet the needs and expectations of clients and at the same time, the needs and expectations of ISET.

For this reason we have defined and documented a quality management system (QMS) with which they are defined responsibility, authority and specific duties of the personnel who manage, perform and verify work affecting that system and organized production lines capable of meeting the environmental legislation RoHS Pb-free.

Certificazione ISO 9001:2000ISET in human resources are essential to the success of the quality policy and its objectives, therefore, through the quality management system ensures a continuous and appropriate training to all levels of the company; also define, annually, the business objectives be achieved by implementing a thorough monitoring system in order to enhance and strengthen the competitiveness of ISET in the industrial sector in which it operates, together with the effectiveness of its Quality System.

But the environment is our priority: all systems are able to produce complying with RoHS - Pb free.