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Customer Satisfaction

Customer SatisfactionISET in human resources are essential to the success of the quality policy and its objectives, therefore, ensure through the QMS (Quality Management System), a continuous and appropriate training at all corporate levels. Business objectives are achieved by an accurate control system, in order to enhance and strengthen the competitiveness in the industrial sector in which it operates, together with the effectiveness of its Quality System.

All divisions are able to produce complying with RoHS - Lead free, so it has been granted ISO 9001:2000 certification.

In addition, the ISET has developed all the procedures necessary to ensure that their employees meet the full needs of the customer.

Will be submitted to our clients satisfaction card, monthly and / or six months, thus becoming an indispensable tool for the ISET is measured when the perceived quality and therefore customer satisfaction, through a comparison between:

  • expectations with the customer approaches the type of service;
  • perceptions of the service took place after the advice;

This evaluation will be necessary for effective and adopt the right actions to meet customer requirements (courses, requirements, etc.)