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Safety at work

The ISET, in the continuous improvement of all its processes and politics of environmental protection and work safety of its workers, including in respect of the Legislative Decree 81/08 to supply information on "Safety in rail yards", which contains information relating to both general and specific risks in rail yards and measures for its prevention and protection.

Safety at WorkIs essential, in fact, that all act in conformity with specifications and general safety measures provided by law that gives the worker an important role: he is called to work constructively to safeguard their health and physical integrity and the duty to act so as not to cause harm to your and others' safety, according to the behavioral requirements provided.

In this way, between the employer, RSPP, managers, supervisors, workers and RLS is always guaranteed a balanced and systematic collaboration, aimed at the protection and safety of workers.

The ISET to meet their legal obligations with regard to "Safety in the workplace" and make more flexible to the needs of customers, has obtained the Certificate 26/11/2009 SOA, demonstrating that they satisfy the conditions laid down Article 8 of Law 11 February 1994, n. 109 [3]. and to demonstrate the capabilities that the ISET can support any public contract for the supply and installation with an amount up to € 516,457.00 (whether in contract or subcontract).