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Industria Sistemi Elettronici

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Engineering Services

Servizi IngegneristiciSince 2005, the ISET s.r.l. transferred and developed in the railway sector all his know-how. These developments have opened new opportunities in the field of Verification and Validation (software and system). The ISET s.r.l. mainly engaged in railway signaling applications, particularly for systems SCMT (Marcia Train Control System), SSC and ERTMS / ETCS in adherence to the CENELEC standards.

The ISET srl "Railway Division" is a specialized engineering consultancy work for several years in the railway sector, in activities of Design, Implementation, Testing, Verification, Validation, Testing, Commissioning, Troubleshooting, Maintenance of Equipment and Systems "Earth" and "Border", surveying the bodies of the square (with the aid of proprietary software "EDIF" unable to process / store and manage all the surveys).

The activity of ISET is in compliance with industry standards for safety and in accordance with national and international regulations. Offering its consultancy services to industries producing railway system and transport entities, public-private operators of such systems.

Servizi IngegneristiciThe ISET, by offering Specialized Engineering Consulting, transmit "knowledge" company, gained over the years in railways, to its customers, so the transfer of this "knowledge" is achieved by the best professionals who are employed in activities customer support. The capacity for synthesis of Technicians / Engineers continuously feeds the "knowledge" developed by our company, in Research and Development-Products.

The solutions offered by ISET consultants represent the best result possible, with the right balance between cost and quality. Support offered to enrich the "Project" Customers of all distinct values of ISET, consisting of experience, professionalism, motivation, ability to innovate.