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Topographical Services

Servizi TopograficiThe ISET-Railways Division srl is specialized in geo-topographical, from the beginning with the advent of a strong software. has always been sensitive and timely manner, becoming a primary goal, to incorporate the changes in technology and to acquire equipment with advanced technologies such as switching techniques Luster satellite, to adopt automated detection surveys on rail.

In parallel with these activities has specialized in the creation of a database for the relief train through a proprietary database. The activities proposed by the ISET Inc., is to detect through a 'business entities yards planimetric measures required by our client, and then through a proprietary process data (as a versatile file format based on demand), then arrange them by making them two reports:

  • Absolute distances between each entity organized for the station square and / or rail routes;
  • Relative distances between two entities selected by the operator of the square;


Servizi TopograficiSoftware EDIF, stems from, to create an innovative, safe and as close to the needs of the customer. The software reconstructs the topographic survey extrapolated from the instrument in a continuous system by putting them on a straight line all the entities surveyed. Instead, in the case of circular curve we have constructed a procedure that calculates the average range for the construction of an arc through the points with least squares. The error that can cause this by considering a residual max of + / - 2 cm. value of the radius between the points to be interpolated assuming a circular shape with a radius of 1 km of 400 meters. (Average value for the small radii of curvature), can lead to an imprecision of + / - 5 cm. If the radius increases the error decreases.

E.D.I.F. be accessed from any remote location, using a simple personal computer that has access to the Internet. In addition, our technical support will be ensured through a dedicated call center.

Servizi TopograficiThe only instruments used are: Topcon GPT9003M and / or Topcon GPT7500 (total station), which combines the functions of the theodolite and electronic distance, angle and distance measurements are the same, with the possibility, then, to read directly display both distance and angular measurements.

The coordinates, distances and elevations of those surveyed points will be recorded and stored within the memory of the instrument. The tools mentioned above, using a system that allows you to tally and measure without prism when the point is inaccessible (see the top of the pole).

These topographic total stations will be regularly calibrated and inspected by the manufacturer at least once a year and whenever deemed necessary for accuracy, also performed at each campaign will be attached to the test certificate.

Record the technical tools that will be used:

Topcon GPT9003M: is the latest and most advanced system available today on the market and are distinguished by a modern and innovative design, faster motors, 2000 meter range without prism and the prism of the new tracking technology, known as X- TRAC. The robotic system of GPT-9000 has a sophisticated technology unique to Topcon: the quick one-touch quick lock coupling prism setting a standard in the acquisition target of robotics, has taken another step forward with the new RC-3 and elegant system. The system provides the measurement without a prism of more than 2000 meters.

Topcon GPT7500: they are the most technologically advanced tools available today. Its 400MHz Intel processor which runs on Windows CE, or its unbeatable range of 2000 meters without laser prism, 4 times higher than many competitors. And the software on-board TopSURV that guides you through the most popular topographic applications, quickly and easily.