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Human Resources Development and Training

Human Resources Development and TrainingThe management of human resources has been playing an important, evolving from a traditional to a predominantly administrative role markedly more strategic. Given the centrality of modern management models give human resources and their development to achieve the objectives in this regard, I note a growing has been incorporated into the staff appraisal systems and training.

In addition, internships will be available for new engineering graduates on the principles of technological systems on rail systems currently on the Italian market and internally. All training activities will be held by highly specialized personnel.

Human Resources Development and TrainingThe ISET, in order to improve the quality of the advice, decided to organize the following courses during the year 2010 is according to the different services you are offering the customer both in terms of future services:

"English" will be dedicated to all the resources currently available to the customer in order to make a better service.

Course "Cenelec Standards": Whereas the activities of "Verification and Validation" at one of our customers, in order to make a greater help to the process of the customer, we will provide courses for No Rules 50126.50128 and 50129.

Course qualification "Stocking Yard" always considering the needs and expectations of the customer according to the various activities we perform and / or perform at the railway premises, the ISET has been accredited as a railway company to enter the course accordingly expect only call for a medical.

Human Resources Development and TrainingConsidering the strong collaboration with the University of Naples (Faculty of Engineering), the ISET is' promoting internships in order to finalize (through train teachers) training of staff in the railway sector. Topics covered will refer to railway installations and systems related security both nationally and internationally.

Stage "Commissioning of Railway Systems": Whereas the strong collaboration with the University of Naples (Faculty of Engineering), ISET is the 'promotion of the stage to finalize (through the know-how of our experience) training of staff on various stages of processing for the commissioning of railway facilities are part of the Sub-Track System and the Sub-Board System, for this formation will require the availability (to allow for adequate training) the collaboration of our clients.

Stage "Railway Land Survey Systems": Whereas the strong commitment that the ISET has dedicated and will pay in the industry, is' promoting internships to finalize (through train teachers) training of staff both in the use of tools (topographic stations ) or on railway premises (track bodies).