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(A versatile, precise and secure laser)


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Industria Sistemi Elettronici

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Easy Laser 800EASYLASER800 is a diode laser with a wavelength 808 nm with a power of 30 watts on the actual fabric extremely innovative compared to other laser in the same category.

EASYLASER800 integrates the functions of the laser with those of a computer allowing the operator to have an efficient working instrument under both the therapeutic profile and that of the patient management aspect.

he software provided through the TOUCH SCREEN color panel, with very clear graphics allows the following functions:

  • Operational control of the laser in manual mode
  • Using preset protocols and the ability to create new protocols
  • Use of a patient medical record for the management of patient clinical data


An additional feature, which is available on the touch screen control panel, is a task bar with different colors that indicate the real time biological effect that the laser is having on the targeted tissue. The colors on the task bar, which are green, yellow, orange and red, show us if we are passing from biostimulation (green) to the photoablation (red). This control is useful even for the least experienced user who can realize what biological effect that it is evoking in the patient.