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THE DIODE At 808 nm

The diode laser with a wavelength of 808 nm is a therapeutic reality in many fields of medicine and surgery globally accepted and discussed for years in numerous national and international conferences.

The particularity of this wavelength is its affinity to the chromatic components of biological tissues without being absorbed by the intra-and extra-cellular water. The preferential target of this radiation, are the endogenous chromophores ie those protein structures that have a very specific color. Endogenous chromophores are hemoglobin, melanin, the pigmentation of certain neoplasms.

The wavelength of 808 nm (near infrared) has the peculiarity of being transported by specific optical fibers and of various diameters (from 100 to 1000 microns), making it possible to reach anatomical districts that are very distant from the laser source.

The specificity of this laser enables an energy absorption by chromophores which translates into an increase in temperature only on the targeted tissue, practically leaving the neighboring structures intact. This feature allows us to administer laser energy only in the area that we have chosen to photocoagulate.

The effect of the laser on the color components is called selective photothermolysis.

If there is need to give energy to a normocromico tissue we can preemptively color the substrate with an exogenous chromophore and still get the effect of selective absorption. (indocyanine green, methylene blue or other colors of dark biological matrix can be used as exogenous chromophores).

The photocoagulate action of the laser at 808 nm with power output of up to 30 Watts is used in medicine for the following applications:

  • In Phlebology, the laser at 808 nm allows us to make photocoagulation of the saphenous vein and the sides in a minor upsetting way (EVLT intervention), performed with specific catheter.
  • In dermatology, we have the ability to vaporize or separate a lesion with the handpiece transdermal or fiber-free.
  • In gynecology the laser is used for cervical erosion of the uterus and for the removal of viral growths in the genital areas (genital warts).
  • In Plastic/ Cosmetic Surgery, the laser diode is used for skin discoloration, photo rejuvenation, photothermolysis and photodynamic hair removalĀ  treatment, telangiectasia treatment with the transdermal handpiece.
  • In pain and bio-stimulating therapy, the diode laser has significant analgesic effects in acute and chronic joint problems using the transdermal hand piece handpiece transdermal appropriately focused.